Beta Alanine FREE Pre Workout Supplements (2021 Review)

  • Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is produced naturally in the body. It can be an effective ingredient in a pre-workout supplement, but many people tend to avoid it due to its unpleasant side effects such as tingling of the skin, burning lips & ears especially taken in high dosage.
  • Beta-alanine helps in carnosine production. That is a compound that helps with muscle endurance in high-intensity exercises (by regulating acid buildup in muscles)
  • Review studies have shown that Beta-Alanine DOES NOT Improve Muscle Strength or Endurance, but increase the amount of time an athlete may complete high-intensity exercises, such as weight lifting and endurance running.
  • Even though I still like ., these 2 supplements (. and .) are my favorite Beta-Alanine Free Pre-Workouts.

If you decide to go with BA FREE formula, you can forget about those tingles (if you ever had any).  You should be able to exercise without experiencing the annoying “pins and needles” every single workout and able to focus more, workout more safely, and effectively!

After research, testing products, and consulting my clients and colleagues alike, I’ve compiled a list of 4 best pre-workout supplements without beta-alanine.

Start working out safely and distraction-free…


For me & my clients, . is #1 choice due to: cleanest ingredients as it gets (including Red Beet which is proven to increase plasma nitrate by 52%,)  combined with the researched dosage of each ingredient. The product holds a proven track record among intermediate to advanced athletes.

  • Vegan-friendly
  • Packed with 1g Creatine & 6g of L-Citrulline
  • Red Beet (Beta Vulgaris) – Nitric Oxide Booster
  • Get the . Until the End of October (One Free Bottle)

. is a good natural choice I recommend if you don’t have any tingling sensations and want to try a product that contains Beta-Alanine. It includes L-Glutamine (playing a key role in protein metabolism & act as a primary carrier of nitrogen needed for muscle energy, repair, and growth) which I believe is a thoughtful choice.

Best Pre Workouts Without Beta Alanine (Updated List for 2021)

1. 4 Gauge Pre Workout – #1 Best Beta Alanine Free Supplement

4 Gauge

4 Gauge is designed with high-quality and clean ingredients that fully support your athletic performance, pushing you further, and healing your muscles after you’re done.

With a blend of caffeine, L-theanine, creatine, L-citrulline, coconut water, red beet, and a few others, this formula is highly effective and completely transparent.

Every time I use it, I’m excited to get the same results without any side effects.

My energy levels are through the roof, I get crystal-clear focus and alertness. Coconut water provides hydration while citrulline boosts nitric oxide and increases blood and nutrient flow to the muscles!


 Clean flow of energy

 Clean and carefully designed formula

Boosts muscle growth

 Improves endurance and strength

No proprietary blends/artificial additives

Best pre workout for vegans

Only available through the official website

Summary: With an effective yet transparent formula, 4 Gauge has managed to turn me and many of my clients into regular users. This top pre workout has never failed our athletic needs and the fact that it helps to heal muscle fast and provide necessary hydration is a big deal for me. Also, using only clean, disclosed ingredients can give you idea of how carefully they planned it! It is one of the best fat burners as of today


2. Performance Lab SPORT – Pre Workout No Beta Alanine and Caffeine

Performance Lab-Preworkout

Update: This Formula Now Contains Beta-Alanine

With a formula designed around creatine to build muscle mass, Performance Labs will help you grow those muscles, improve strength and boost stamina for all high-intensity workouts.

Formulated especially for sportsmen, this supplement will help you increase nitric oxide production in your body, improve blood flow, boost muscle growth, improve hydration, and bursts of energy that are impossible to ignore. I was impressed since this supplement does it all without beta-alanine and caffeine!

Improves blood flow and nutrients to the muscles

Good pre-workout for pump & enery

Promotes muscle growth

Caffeine-free formula

Reduces muscle recovery time

Easy to take (capsules)


Summary: With creatine, L-citrulline, cordyceps super, L-glutamine, and a few others SPORT will help you elevate your workouts like a real athlete and help you get that extra mile with muscles energy. It produces results quickly and effectively, even if you’re a beginner!


3. Gaspari Nutrition SuperPump MAX – Pre Workout Supplement Without Beta Alanine and Niacin

Gaspari SuperPump

Gaspari works well whenever you take it but it’s especially effective for the early morning workouts or late afternoon.

It’ll wake you from the dozing state and load you on bursts of energy that will have you going effectively for a while in the gym.

Forget about tingles from beta-alanine and niacin; this supplement doesn’t have any! It’ll have you pumping on creatine and caffeine instead, no matter your workout preference.

I tried it once and even though I’m not a fan of its proprietary blend, I’m a huge fan of the results I was able to achieve!


Improves endurance

Minimizes muscle fatigue and soreness

Boosts nitric oxide and blood flow

Increases energy levels

More flavors available

Artificial ingredients

Summary: Whether you’re lifting weights, building muscle, and need brutal skin-tearing pumps, give Gaspari a try. It does exactly what it promises and it’ll stimulate your blood so powerfully that you’ll feel it rushing through your system. Don’t believe me? Head over to Amazon or GNC for more testimonials. They’ll tell you the same!


4. BPI Sports Pump HD – Pre Workout Without Beta Alanine and Creatine

BPI Sports Pump

I always recommend this one to people who want to intensify their exercise even more. I was blown away by the long and intense workouts I was able to perform though and not feel dead tired by the end of it.

BPI gave me razor focus with a flow of energy that supercharged me more than exhausted me. It’s similar to c4 pre-workout without beta-alanine, but better!

My muscles got that full look with a few regular sessions and I’ve started recommending this supplement to my clients ever since. Yes, the taste is horrible but the real results will help you ignore it completely!


Boosts muscle growth

A steady flow of powerful energy

Boosts motivation to train

No jitters

Supports different types of workouts

Doesn’t mix well

Contains artificial sweeteners and colorants

Summary: I’m not a fan of the proprietary blend and artificial ingredients, but if you don’t mind, this product is incredibly effective. It will take your workouts to a whole new level in terms of difficulty and intensity. You don’t know how much you’re capable of just yet until you tried BPI! I was shocked to discover it too.


What is Beta Alanine and How Does It Work?

My Advice

Beta-alanine is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It is a non-essential amino acid and it produces carnosine.

Beta-AlanineCarnosine is a molecule that’s concentrated in the muscles and brains.

It’s responsible for an important process in your body during a workout:

While you exercise, your body breaks down glucose and produces lactic acid. Consequently, your muscles become more acidic, which leads to fatigue.

Here’s what beta-alanine (and consequently carnosine) do to your body: they help to reduce acidity in your muscles, eliminate lactic build-up, improve your workouts, reduce muscle fatigue, and enable you to train longer and harder.

Beta Alanine – Side Effects and Safety

Taking about health, beta-alanine is a generally safe ingredient that brings a number of benefits to the table. But taking too much can cause it a few side effects, such as

  • Tingling sensation
  • Taurine decrease

Keep in mind that none of these are dangerous, but they can be unpleasant.

Talking about your experience in the gym, beta-alanine can be a nightmare to work with. Picture this: you’re about to get started with a workout, your focus is crystal-clear, and you’re ready to kill the next 60 minutes of your workout.

Side Effects and Safety

And then comes the tingling; that annoying feeling that makes you want to scratch your skin off your body.

Now beta-alanine doesn’t sound so great anymore, right? I’ve had clients begging me to take their weighs because they had to scratch their arms so badly.

So I compiled this list to make their and your life easier. Yes, beta-alanine is great.

But in some cases it’s better to have a supplement without it!

What Are the Benefits of Pre Workout Without Beta Alanine

Beta-alanine can be very beneficial for your body and workouts, but let’s face it; if you hate its side effects, you’ll want to avoid using it.

There are certain benefits of a pre-work supplements without this amino acid:

  • No tingling sensation
  • Clearer focus without distractions
  •  No taurine decrease
  •  More effective support for your body
  • Safer and efficient workouts 

Honestly, beta-alanine is only effective if taken on a regular basis. That means, you’d have to take it every day, even if you’re not working out for it to produce results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Beta Alanine a BCAA?

Beta-alanine is not a BCAA; it’s a nonessential amino acid. BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

These are responsible for a number of processes in the body. They play an important role in muscle building, decreased muscle soreness, fatigue, and others.

Does c4 Have Beta-Alanine?

Yes, Cellucor C4 contains beta-alanine, namely CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine. This is beta-alanine at its highest quality.

Can You Take Beta-Alanine With Pre Workout?

You can take beta-alanine with pre-workout. It’s also recommended that you take taurine with beta-alanine as the two combined produce the best results for the body. One study showed that using one supplement without the other resulted in poor performance.

What is the Ingredient in Pre Workout that Makes You Tingle?

Normally, it’s beta-alanine that causes the tingling sensation, also known as paresthesia. Depending on the dosage, this “pins and needles” feeling can make las between 60-90 minutes.

It’s more likely to appear if you’re new to pre-work supplements and if you’re taking them on an empty stomach.

Is Beta-Alanine Bad for You?

So does this beta-alanine-or-thigh-muscle-builder nonsense have to stop? It turns out that there’s a middle way to balance the two. To make things more confusing, Beta-Alanine can be taken in the form of a supplement called Creatine Monohydrate, or the equivalent in powder form as a supplement called Muscle Magnet. This creatine is usually derived from eggs, although some reports say some is made from whey protein. Both Creatine Monohydrate and Muscle Magnet can provide large quantities of alpha-alanine, but only Muscle Magnet can provide it in such high quantities that you don’t have to consume large amounts of protein in order to see an effect.

When you take Muscle Magnet, you can guzzle loads of protein as well. You may not get as many muscles to show up, but you can get the same results by going from 70g of protein per day to 120g per day. When Beta-Alanine Worked. If you work out regularly, and you can afford to work out regularly, you’ll see results from supplementation with Creatine Monohydrate. However, if you are experiencing energy depletion and/or get sick frequently, you may want to look at supplementing with Alpha-Alanine.

Conclusion on No Beta Alanine Pre Workout

Pre-workout supplements without beta-alanine can be very beneficial in a way as they come without unpleasant side effects, especially the annoying tingling sensation many people wish to avoid.

As you can see, there are many good pre-works without beta-alanine, but if I had to choose the best option from all that I’ve tried in my professional and personal life, I’d have to say there’s one supplement that really stands out from the crowd.

If you’re looking for the best pre-work without beta-alanine, I’d recommend you go with 4 Gauge Pre Workout from Roar Ambition brand.

4 Gauge DesignI’ve used this best fat burner product ever since it entered the market, and I was hooked from day one.

What first caught my eye with this supplement is the clean and transparent label that’s more of a rarity than an actual rule nowadays.

I love the fact that the brand doesn’t hide behind proprietary blends of poor quality. It’s obvious that they’re researched their formula in great detail and a carefully planned formula makes this supplement effective without side effects.

I was given 4 Gauge by a colleague who swears by it. Soon, my clients started ordering it, as well. It was a special phenomenon with this supplement; I was able to notice my personal progress combined with that of my friends and my clients alike!

4 Gauge isn’t the best-tasting product on the market, nor the cheapest one. But here, you’re actually paying for the effective formula that doesn’t lie about its effectiveness and its formula.

It packs only 5 calories per serving, and it’s free of any artificial ingredients and sweeteners!

Caffeine will boost your energy to incredible levels and allow you to work even when you’re exhausted.

It somehow boosts that motivation to get training, supporting your endurance as you work out.

L-theanine is, along with Acetyl-L-Carnitine, responsible for razor-sharp focus and complete mental alertness, which comes in handy during the very early morning workouts. 

Creatine will boost your ATP levels and improve muscle hydration, along with coconut water powder, which also helps prevent muscle cramps.

L-citrulline will improve nitric oxide levels, boost blood and nutrient flow into the muscles, allowing you to train harder and minimize the muscle recovery time.


As you can see, the ingredients are designed to support one another and an active body and mind.

Together, they work to establish a complete supplement that you need to reach your athletic goals more easily.

As a result, I’m able to grow my muscles with regular animal-like strength get, tone my body, and go the extra mile every time I exercise without any tingling sensation.

It’s great for beginners too, and it’ll help you lose weight if you combine it with a proper diet!

Drink it a few minutes before you begin working out, bodybuilding, or whatever makes you tick. Wait for a little and prepare to be impressed!