DSN Pre-Workout Reviews (2024) | Is This Supplement a Scam or Legit?

It wasn’t so soon until I found myself writing this review after purchasing and trying out one of the pre-workout supplements that have been making noise on the internet and in the market today – the DSN Pre-Workout

A good friend of mine suggested that I try this so-called “promising” product and I just couldn’t believe what I got myself into!

I know that finding the right pre-workout for you and your routine is such a daunting task, that is why it is my personal goal to help you narrow down your pre-workout choices and avoid the ones that aren’t worth your time and your money.

DSN logoWhether you feel that this is the right one or worrying if this is yet another scam trap, stay with me as I go over important details that YOU NEED TO KNOW about DSN.

Dyna Storm Nutrition Pre-Workout Creatine Supplement or commonly known as DSN Pre-workout aims to enhance workout sessions by energizing muscles, pushing them longer and harder to help you build up the strength and size of your body.

Although DSN proves itself as a legitimate supplement company based in Canada and all its details are found on their website, the quality of it lays down to the customers who use it.

To some, its content has been a significant issue, and its enhanced training performance is yet questionable.

Let’s take a quick look at what other people say about DSN Preworkout:

I bought my first bottles of the pre and post-workout formulas and used them for about three weeks before I noticed a difference. The product is pricey, but since it works for me, I’ll pay for it. –

Alexander Kovacs

Don't waste your money and be careful about the trial offer. This one didn't work very well and was very expensive.”

Livin in Oblivion 

This supplement was amazing with the results I saw in weight loss and definition in my body, but the trade-off was I had splitting headaches and was foggy the entire time I was on it, It was like my body was on overload and I couldn’t focus. I almost felt like I was going to pass out constantly.


With more customer complaints than positive reviews, DSN sounds even more intriguing with its brand.


DSN has been confused with another supplement with a name that is just slightly different, Dark Storm Nutrition.


We could only say so much about this product since its website TryDSNPreWorkout.com is no longer accessible along with darkstorm nutrition reviews from customers (users).


Based on my research, because of the similarity in the product content, DarkStorm Nutrition rebrand of Dyna Storm. But still, I am not sure of it.


So is DSN legit or scam? 


Let’s try to evaluate its content and ingredients first.

What is DSN Pre-Workout Supplement? Is It a Steroid?

DSN Pre Workout

Pre-workout supplements often come in powder form, but DSN Pre Workout comes in tablets in a bottle that is consumable for 30 days. Its dosage is three tablets before a workout to get a boost. 

This supplement could be misunderstood as a steroid because it is often called as the first natural legal steroids. But it is not.

DSN Preworkout is said to be made out of natural components and doesn’t contain any chemicals or artificial enhancers. You can find a reference to this on their website.

DSN claims to contain Creatine, L-arginine and many other essential vitamins that boost muscle building (bodybuilding gains).


What Are the Ingredients in DSN Pre-workout?

The active ingredients of this pre-workout are reasonably standard compared with other performance supplements. It has multivitamins and four natural ingredients.

Now you may think and say, “Okay, so it’s just like the other ones!” But no, it isn’t.

DSN is a lot worse because not only that it lacks some components but it also falls short in the recommended dose for some vital ingredients.

DSN Pre-Workout Ingredients

  • CREATINE (3g)
    Creatine is the fuel for muscle contraction and is most useful for high-intensity exercise such as weightlifting and sprinting. Proper amount and storage of this in your body secures that you can train your muscles harder and longer.
    Research suggests that 5g per day of Creatine is the most effective means of dosing. Unfortunately, DSN falls a little short on this for it only contains 3g dosage per serving.
  • CAFFEINE (100mg)
    Caffeine is known to boost energy levels and increase mental focus and is a standard component for all pre-workout supplements.
    At 100 mg per serving, DSN pre-workout comes in way under preferred and recommended 200-600 mg dosage based on the book Formulations on Military Operations. It is so much better if you drink coffee alone!
  • L-ARGININE (75mg)
    L-arginine is a booster for nitric oxide production which causes blood vessels to expand and more blood to flow through them. It contributes to muscle pumps and increases power during workouts. Dr. Jeff S. Volek of Nutrition Express mentioned that 600mg per day is an effective dosage for improving physical performance. Unfortunately, DSN Pre-workout is way far from that.
  • CAYENNE (15mg)
    Cayenne is usually found in fat loss pills as it can boost the metabolism and enable you to burn fat faster.
    Studies have shown that doses up to 100mg, one to three times a day, have demonstrated benefits to metabolism, which makes DSN Pre Workout more than enough to help you become lean and mean.
    As DSN Pre Workout highlights mainly its Creatine content, it only shows that it lacks other vital components that are also needed for a better workout experience. Ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, Bioperine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Citrulline Malate could have made DSN a much better formula for a pre-workout supplement.

Does DSN Supplement Have Any Side Effects?

DSN Pre Workout does not contain any harmful and banned substances, but to some, even natural and seem to be healthy pre workout ingredients can cause some side effects.

Due to Creatine content: Stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea 

Due to Caffeine content: Jitteriness, increased urination, trouble sleeping, and nervousness

DSN Pre Workout Before After Results

DSN Results

Based on customer reviews, here are some testimonials to explain DSN Pre Workout before and after results:

“It works for me if you put in the work you see the results” -John E

“Weight gain.” -Tom D. 

“The prodsupplementuct does NOT work!” -Bryan U

“It’s just plain ole CREATINE.” -R. Spencer

Does this sound like a lot of negative reviews for DSN? Let’s go over the Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons Summary of Dyna Storm Nutrition Pre Workout


  • Easy to take tablets and ensures no mess
  • A solid dose of cayenne will help to boost your metabolism and burn extra calories
  • Contains some vitamins and still some creatine content


  • Caffeine and Creatine is below the optimum dose
  • Overpricing compared to other pre-workouts
  • Too many customer complaints about this product
  • No vital ingredients such as Citrulline Malate

Does It Really Work? Is DSN Pre Workout Legit? 

Just like all other pre-workout supplements, some may work to few whiles for others it won’t.

Since everyone has a different lifestyle and health condition, the results may also vary and depend on factors such as diet, age, emotional health or even habits.

Although DSN Pre Workout is a legit product and works on some people, I don’t think it does really work in general because of the lack of essential nutrients in it.

The fact that it is also costly, your money will be far more worth it if used to a much proven effective product.

DSN Pre Workout Review FAQ

How to Take DSN Pre Workout?

Take three pills, 45-90 minutes before the start of your workout.

Why Is DSN Sold in Tablets?

DSN aims to innovate the usual powder form to avoid mess and promote easy product use.

Is DSN Pre Workout Safe?

It is generally safe because it doesn’t contain any banned substances or artificial enhancers.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Dyna Storm Customer Service provides a full refund upon product return within 30 days from the date of purchase even if it is empty.

Is Pre-Workout with DMAA Safe?

It is unsafe to consume pre-workout supplements with DMAA (dimethylamylamine). DMAA is a type of stimulant drug that has been linked to various negative effects and health hazards. Since DMAA acts as a vasoconstrictor, it could elevate blood pressure and heart rate, potentially leading to dangerous situations, particularly for those with pre-existing heart problems. Moreover, DMAA has been associated with serious adverse effects like heart attacks, strokes, and even fatality. Because of these dangers, various countries’ regulatory bodies have banned or limited the use of DMAA in dietary supplements. It is crucial to prioritize your safety and seek advice from healthcare experts before taking any supplements.

Does DMAA Have Steroids in It?

No, DMAA (dimethylamylamine) does not contain steroids. DMAA is a stimulant drug that acts on the central nervous system, primarily by increasing the release of neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine. It is commonly found in pre-workout supplements and is not structurally or functionally related to steroids. Steroids, on the other hand, are a class of compounds that include hormones like testosterone and its derivatives, which have different physiological effects than DMAA. It is important to note that while DMAA is not a steroid, it still carries its own potential risks and health concerns, as mentioned in the previous answer.

What Effects Does DMAA Have on Testosterone?

The effects of DMAA (dimethylamylamine) on testosterone levels are not well-documented in scientific literature. There is limited research available specifically investigating the direct impact of DMAA on testosterone production. However, it is important to note that DMAA is primarily known for its stimulant properties and its effects on the central nervous system, rather than its influence on hormone levels. Testosterone production is primarily regulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, and DMAA is not thought to directly interact with this axis. Therefore, it is unlikely that DMAA has a significant effect on testosterone levels. However, it is essential to consult with healthcare professionals and adhere to evidence-based practices when considering any supplement or drug, as individual responses may vary.

Does Pre-Workout Help You Lose Weight?

Pre-workout supplements play a role in weight management by supporting energy levels and enhancing workout performance, but their direct impact on weight loss is somewhat indirect and context-dependent.

Primarily, pre-workouts often contain ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract, and L-carnitine, known for their potential to boost metabolism and promote fat oxidation. Caffeine, a common component, can increase metabolic rate and fat breakdown, potentially aiding weight loss when combined with exercise. It stimulates the nervous system, enhancing alertness and increasing the body’s expenditure of energy, which can contribute to a calorie deficit when coupled with a well-structured workout regimen.

Additionally, pre-workouts might assist in optimizing exercise performance. Improved endurance, strength, and focus during workouts can indirectly facilitate weight loss. By increasing the intensity or duration of exercise, individuals may burn more calories, leading to greater energy expenditure and potential weight loss over time.

However, it’s essential to recognize that pre-workout supplements alone won’t directly cause weight loss. Their efficacy in this realm heavily relies on the broader context of an individual’s lifestyle, diet, and workout routine. Weight loss fundamentally hinges on sustaining a caloric deficit, where the calories burned exceed those consumed. Pre-workouts can aid in this process by enhancing energy levels and workout performance, but they aren’t a standalone solution.

Moreover, the weight loss effects can vary among individuals. While some might experience a slight increase in metabolism and improved workout performance due to pre-workout supplementation, others may not respond as significantly. Factors such as individual metabolism, tolerance to stimulants, and overall lifestyle play pivotal roles in determining the impact of pre-workouts on weight loss.

In summary, pre-workout supplements can be part of a comprehensive weight loss strategy by boosting energy, metabolism, and workout performance. However, their direct impact on shedding pounds is indirect and contingent on various factors. For effective weight loss, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a sustainable caloric deficit remain foundational, with pre-workouts potentially enhancing the efficiency and results of these efforts.

Why is DMAA Banned?

DMAA, also known as dimethylamylamine, got banned because it can seriously mess up your heart and brain. It hikes up your blood pressure and makes your heart beat like crazy, which can lead to heart problems or even a heart attack. Plus, it messes with your brain chemicals, making you feel anxious, jittery, and messing up your sleep.

It’s like pressing the panic button in your body too many times. And if you use it a lot, you can get hooked on it, needing more and more to feel the same effects. Withdrawal from it can also be rough.

The government and health agencies didn’t like these risks, so they put their foot down and said, “No more DMAA!” They’re worried about people using it without knowing the dangers, especially since it’s sometimes not even listed on supplement labels.

So, basically, DMAA is off the market because it’s bad news for your heart, your head, and can get you hooked. The bigwigs in charge want to keep everyone safe and healthy, so they gave it the boot.

Is Doctor’s Choice Pre Workout Good?

Determining whether Doctor’s Choice Pre Workout is “good” depends on various factors including its ingredients, formulation, and how it aligns with individual health and fitness goals. To evaluate its effectiveness and safety, let’s delve into the key components typically found in pre-workout supplements.

Firstly, assessing the ingredients list is crucial. Look for scientifically-backed compounds such as caffeine, beta-alanine, and creatine, known to improve exercise performance, enhance endurance, and increase muscle strength. These ingredients work by stimulating the central nervous system, buffering acid build-up in muscles, and providing energy substrate for muscle contraction, respectively.

Additionally, consider the dosage of these ingredients. Effective doses vary based on individual tolerance and body weight, but generally fall within established ranges supported by research.

It’s also important to scrutinize for any potentially harmful or banned substances. Regulatory bodies like the FDA and WADA maintain lists of prohibited substances, so cross-referencing the ingredients against these lists is advisable to ensure compliance and safety.

Furthermore, examine the supplement’s formulation for additives, fillers, and artificial ingredients that may cause adverse reactions or detract from its overall quality.

Equally significant is assessing the reputation of the manufacturer. Reputable companies adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMP) and often undergo third-party testing to validate product purity and potency.

Lastly, personal factors such as fitness goals, health status, and sensitivity to stimulants should inform the decision. Individuals with certain medical conditions or sensitivities may need to avoid specific ingredients or consult with a healthcare professional before using pre-workout supplements.

In conclusion, determining the efficacy and safety of Doctor’s Choice Pre Workout, or any pre-workout supplement, requires careful evaluation of its ingredients, dosages, formulation, manufacturer reputation, and individual considerations. Consulting with a healthcare provider or nutrition expert can provide personalized guidance tailored to individual needs and goals.

Our Final Conclusion on Dyna Storm DSN Pre Workout. Is It a Scam?

Based on its content, benefits, policies and customer reviews, it would be acceptable to say that DSN Pre Workout is not the best pre-workout supplement on the market today. It is not a scam. 

It is from a legit company and it did work on some people, but if you are looking for a product that will help you with your workout and you want to see realistic and visible results, then definitely this is not the product for you. 

Dyna Storm Pre Workout is yet expensive even though its formula is minimal. 

Dsn ProductsAnd if you are asking where to buy this, you won’t have the chance to see and check the product firsthand like on Walmart or other stores for it can be purchased online (apparently not at GNC) but only at Amazon or DSN’s website.

In addition to that, in the year 2018, another product of DSN called DSN Code Black was banned due to its 150% average muscle mass growth rate and “cheat” components even though Dwayne Johnson or known as “The Rock” admitted to being using it.

DSN products were also involved in some fake Fox News and Shark Tank content that went viral on the internet.

Definitely not the kind of reputation you would look forward to a workout supplement.

So, if DSN Pre Workout is not the best supplement to take, then what is? Bootm line from reading this DSN pre-workout review – DO NOT BUY!

It is indeed daunting to find the right pre-workout supplement that genuinely works because of the vast market for these products. But one that is known, proven and shows a lot of promise is the 4 Gauge Pre Workout

4 Gauge, compared to DSN whose ingredients are a significant fall-down, is packed with all the right and high-quality nutrients needed for your workout. Its main components consist of the following:


4 Gauge’s preworkout no.1 ingredient improves work capacity or stamina, produces nitric acid for muscle function and helps to increase size and maximize muscle mass gains.

CAFFEINE (150mg) and L-THEANINE (200mg)

While we already know what caffeine does, L-theanine, on the other hand, is the perfect match for caffeine as it counteracts its sharp edge effect and produces a smoother lift to allow better focus.


This ingredient helps in fighting fatigue and depression and is vital in providing great motivation and mindset for as we know, workout goals are never easy.


Beetroot adds up to muscle pumps to assure intensity during workouts.

Other additional ingredients are coconut water, Acetyl L-carnitine and Creatine monohydrate and are all prepared in FDA and cGMP certified facilities.

4 Gauge is a high-quality nutritional supplement that is body-friendly and consists of natural formula. Its powder form ensures faster penetration in the body, and it even comes in a fruity flavor! 

Many have also commended its practical and proven effects:

I was fed up of wasting my money on pre-workouts that made me feel jittery or itchy. I’d nearly given up on them altogether. Then I heard about 4 Gauge. What I love about 4 Gauge is that I get a clean surge of energy with a feeling of improved strength and focus too.” -

Ricarda, Germany

I heard about 4gauge on a top 10 supplements list and read the ingredient list. Boom. This is what I have been looking for. All-natural and no artificial flavors or coloring.” -

Michael, US

This pre-workout gets a 5/5, 10/10, 100/100. Whatever rating you want to give it. I will definitely buy again.” 

                                                                                                      Chris, US

4 Gauge can be purchased directly on their website. You might want to try this product out sooner than later since they were out of stock a few times I tried. 


So, if you think you deserve the best for your body as well as your time and money, then consider giving this product a try! Get the pre-workout supplement that is not just legit but is above all, effective and worth it.

4 Gauge

#1 Best Alternative Pre-Workout

  • Natural Ingredients
  • 5 Calories Per Serving
  • Effective Bodybuilding Supplementation
4 Gauge