Genius Caffeine REVIEW (2021) | Does This Pre-Workout Work?

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans wake up tired and poorly rested most days? This fact has a lot to do with what’s expected of us and how we manage our time and stress levels.

I’m no exception to the rule. That’s why I’m always looking for better, cleaner supplements to improve my focus and energy.

Genius Caffeine is a good supplement for steady energy release, but is it a good preworkout?

I’ve tested a lot of preworkout supplements not because I’m a gym rat, but because I’m tired. That’s why I want to maximize my results safely and effectively, with clean supplements.

I’ll answer all your questions below!

What is Genius Caffeine?

Genius Caffeine

Genius Caffeine is your daily dose of caffeine in an easy-to-swallow capsule. The brand Genius  promises that this pill will have long-lasting effects throughout the day because it releases the caffeine slowly.

The official description comes with other promises, which I’ll discuss below, such as increasing your metabolism, increased weight loss, and sky-rocketing energy levels.

But until I’ll analyze all these pros and cons and tell you more about my experience, let me tell you that the brand Genius is a trustworthy one.

Following the comprehensive reviews, Genius promise built its reputation by selling health, fitness, and beauty supplements, made with effective, quality ingredients.

They market this product as a weight loss supplement, but does it really work?

SUMMARY: This is a pill that contains 100 mg caffeine/ servings and that promises quick weight loss and lots of energy. The Genius brand has a good reputation in the world of nutritional supplements because it manufactures quality products.


How Does GENIUS CAFFEINE Taste Like?

It tastes like nothing because they’re pills. That’s great news for people who don’t like the bitter aroma of coffee and neither masking the taste with cream and sugar.

However, some people, like ME, love their morning coffee. Although it was more time-efficient to pop a microencapsulated caffeine pill in my mouth each morning, I missed the time spent with my family over coffee.

That’s why I prefer 4 Gauge, which is one of the main competitors of Genius, also promising energy boost and a considerable metabolism boost. 4 Gauge is a preworkout and is free of any flavors or sweeteners except Fruit blast, which has an interesting sweet-sour tang.

SUMMARY: It is a flavorless microencapsulated pill. If you want a tastier caffeine-based supplement with similar influences, I recommend 4 Gauge.

How to Use. Recommended Dosage

Let’s talk about dosage first. Remember that each pill contains 100mg per serving, as much as in your daily cup of Joe.

The maximum recommended dosage is six pills per workday, although the max recommended dosage of caffeine is 400mg per day.

Now you’ll wonder how much of it you should take. Here’s my advice:

  • It’s best to stick to four pills per day max, although you may want to lose weight quickly or need to see progress in your weight loss now. Otherwise, you can see all sorts of negative effects that I’ll deal with below.
  • Start slowly, if you’re not used to caffeine. One pill per workday in the morning should be enough for the first couple of days. If you feel okay, you may take another pill in the afternoons. If you still need more energy, go to three caffeine pills per workday after the first week and see where that gets you.
  • Avoid taking these pills close to bedtime if you’re not a coffee drinker or have sleep issues. The extended-release of caffeine means you’ll feel their influences up to eight or more hours after your dose.
  • Use it twenty minutes before your workouts. I’ve seen a lot of improvements in my stamina and endurance at the gym after a pill, and so have many people.
  • Only grab a pill when you need it. I had to say this because some people fall in love with the feeling of increased energy, so they want to keep going. But remember that fatigue is normal; it tells your body when it’s time for a break. So if you can take a break, do it. Rest days between pill-days are also good ideas, so you don’t build a tolerance.

Pro tip: Here’s a great thread on Reddit about building tolerance, plus more of its benefits, cons, and possible alternatives.

SUMMARY: Although the maximum daily recommended dosage is six pills per workday, I advise you to stick to four capsules to avoid the negative effects. You can use it when you need a pick-me-up and before workouts, but avoid taking it close to your bedtime.

What Are the Main Benefits & Side Effects

If you’re like me, what you’re really asking is: are these the best pills on the market or not?

The truth is I’ve seen better supplements, like 4 Gauge. But before getting into that comparison, let’s see what benefits and side-influences you can expect from this preworkout.

Genius Caffeine Benefits


It is a good product thanks to its extended-release, but it’s a much better preworkout in combination with L-Tyrosine because this substance helps you:

That said, here are the benefits according to the Genius brand:

  • Sustained energy. The patented Newcaff formula offers a controlled sustained release of caffeine to reduce the spike-and-crash fluctuations.
  • Improved focus and alertness. The absence of caffeine rushes and crashes means you won’t have to deal with brain fog. You can concentrate on your workday with no jitters or feeling that your skull is filled with oakum.
  • Increase calorie burn and metabolic increase. It is proven to stimulate thermogenesis, aka the speed at which your body burns calories. Each pill contains 100mg slow release caffeine to make sure your metabolic rate increases in a sustained way.
  • It helps you burn fat if you pair this product with Genius Burn, but remember that ingredient also has some documented fat-burning properties if you also work out.
  • It increases your stamina and endurance at the gym because that’s what caffeine does. If you want a true muscle pump, pair it with Genius L-Arginine because L-Arginine increases vasodilatation and triggers muscle growth.
  • However, if you want a more effective preworkout, I recommend 4 Gauge. 4 Gauge has a mix of L-Theanine for improved focus during workouts, creatine monohydrate for more strength, L-citrulline DL-Malate for muscle pump, and red beet for increased sustained energy during HIIT.

If you want a similar caffeine supplement, Vali Time Release Caffeine with L-Theanine is better for people who aren’t used to caffeine, need to be calmer, and more focused.

FactsThis product includes just 50mg / serving, so half as much as GC. You may find that it perks you up and provides a long-lasting energy-enhancing stimulating effect as claimed.

Side Effects

This product is unlikely to cause serious negative side-effects because it only contains caffeine, plus some common ingredients used in dietary capsules.

Some people complain about gas, bloating, mild headaches, and insomnia, but I didn’t notice any of it.

To be fair, I limited my consumption to two capsules per workday, and have always taken the second six hours before bedtime.

The other users are either not used to caffeine, have overdosed, or require a more powerful nootropic to fight extreme exhaustion.

If you have ADHD or coronary issues, address your doctor before taking this supplement. If you experience severe negative effects, like loss of consciousness, extreme nausea or vomiting, go straight to the ER.

SUMMARY: GC harnesses the power of caffeine in its slow-releasing Newcaff formula, thus helping you lose weight, burn fat, and increase your energy throughout the workday. There are no spikes and crashes thanks to this innovative formula, though some people find it works better together with L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine. Only a few people experience mild side effects, such as headaches and GI upset.

Ingredients of Genius Caffeine / Nutrition Facts

The main ingredient in Genius Caffeine is Newcaff™, a compound that results from a lipid hot-melt fluid bed microencapsulation technique. Therefore, it gets slowly into your system to promote better focus and more energy for longer.

Other supplements like Prolab don’t have this slow-release formula. They also contain fillers, preservatives, and additives, which this supplement does not.

Supplement Facts GeniusThe only other ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C is beneficial for your eyes, skin, bones, muscles, immune system, digestive system, heart, and basically every cell in your body. But if your goal is weight loss, vitamin C also helps burn fat faster.
  • Organic rice hulls strengthen your immune and digestive systems, plus prevent obesity thanks to their fiber-packed content.
  • Cellulose is a safe, plant-based encapsulation material for pills.
  • A vegetable capsule (Hypromellose) is a cellulose ether used in various oral pills to increase its release duration. The result is a bigger therapeutic effect because the drug, aka caffeine, in this case, takes longer to release.

This Pre-Workout has no calories and no nutrition facts to speak of. If you want an MCT-packed caffeine supplement to get more healthy fats into your system, Smarter Vitamins Caffeine is a good option for keto-ers (following the reviews).

So how long does it last?

Most people say at least five hours, while some feel the influences for as long as eight hours. Some people who are extremely sleep-deprived claim they can fall asleep an hour after taking the pills.

It all depends on how your body reacts to caffeine and how tired you are.

SUMMARY: Brand Genius Caffeine has no calories, no micro or macro-nutrients. It uses only clean, safe, and vegan ingredients. The main ingredient, Newcaff, is a patented, slow-releasing caffeine blend for steady energy.

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Final Verdict. Where to Buy Genius Extended Release Caffeine

Genius is a reliable brand of dietary supplements. Like all its products, this supplement uses clean ingredients and it’s effective.

The unique slow-release Newcaff formula ensures caffeine will drip slowly into your brain and body for increased focus, alertness, and energy throughout the day.

You can get this supplement from the Genius official website, from Walmart, or Amazon. All these websites offer good prices and quality shipping. Don’t get this product from untrustworthy sources because you might end up with a compromised product.


However, Genius Caffeine is not the best preworkout on the market. 4 Gauge has a better mix of ingredients for a delicious and effective preworkout drink, whereas GC contains just caffeine.

Although caffeine has some effects on workout stamina and your metabolic rate, 4 Gauge can increase your muscle pump, energy, and strength, as well as fat loss.

Don’t lose your chance and get it now!